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    Waves: Volunteer Credits Earned & Open Positions

    Good afternoon Waves!

    I hope no one in your house is saying, "I'm bored!" yet.

    A few things I wanted to share:

    • It is REQUIRED for all parents to work Time Trials and Divisionals.  0 credit is earned for these positions.
    • If you would like your $200 back at the…
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    Waves vs. Otters 5/19/18

    Good Afternoon Waves!  Tomorrow is our first divisional meet and is also our first away meet.  Coach Spoon will retrun to his former team tomorrow - so let's be sure and extend our warmest Waves Nation Thank Yous for hosting!!  If you are on a relay please do your best to attend…

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    Woodlands Waves Entries

    Entries for the Woodlands Waves

    Heather Monroe

    WLW Team Rep 


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    Tomball Splash Depot

    Your swimmer has been entered into the Tomball Splash Depot for this Sunday.  Please refer to the Meet Information Guide that was emailed out regarding location, times and any other questions you may have.  You MUST print off your swimmers entries and pay for your swimmers by the cut off…

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    WLW v WIMB results

    Happy Mothers Day to all of our fearless mom warriors out there!  Thanks for all of your love and support!  Here are results from yesterday's meet.  

    Don't forget to sign up for this weekends meet against the Oak Ridge Otters by Tuesday midnight!  This is our first meet in our…

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    Time Trial results and scores

    Parents, thank you all for your patience the last few days.  We currently have 267 swimmers and only 117 attended time trials, therefore a lot of time was spent entering times over the last three days.  The meet for this weekend against the Wimbledon Whales is currently open.  Please remember…

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    Waves: Volunteers Needed & Meeting TONIGHT @ 5:30 p.m.

    Good morning Waves parents!

    We are still missing essential volunteers for tomorrow's meet.  Remember, if your child is swimming Time Trials, you MUST help out.  Don't make me come find you with my clipboard. :)

    We specifically need:

    • Scribes
    • Ready Bench

    Also, I will hold a meeting for all

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    Waves: Coaches' Meals

    <Apologies for the late emails>

    Hi Team!

    One thing we love to do as Waves is LOVE on our hard-working coaches!  They work tirelessly with our kids in the evenings, after putting in a full day at work.

    Please consider dropping off a meal for them.  They appreciate it!

    • SIGN-UP
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    Waves: 2018 Spirit Wear!

    Waves Families,

    Show your team spirit with Waves Spirit Wear! This is super quick turnaround to ensure we get the items in by the first meet, so don’t delay. Order forms due by Wednesday, April 25th. You’re under no obligation to order; however historically the Waves families are very spirited…

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    Afternoon Swim Schedule

    ( please arrive 10 min prior to practice to prepare to be in the water at practice time)

    Bring towel, goggles, fins, swim suit (girls must be in a one piece), swim cap, and WATER BOTTLE to every practice!  Coach Spoon is insistant that all swimmers bring a water bottle to every…

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