Waves: Volunteer Credits Earned & Open Positions

    Good afternoon Waves!

    I hope no one in your house is saying, "I'm bored!" yet.

    A few things I wanted to share:

    • It is REQUIRED for all parents to work Time Trials and Divisionals.  0 credit is earned for these positions.
    • If you would like your $200 back at the end of the season, your family must work 4 credits.
    • We still need volunteers for THIS SATURDAY!  Please go to https://woodlandswaves.swimtopia.com/ to signup for these positions:
      • 2:  7-8 Boys Age Group Parents
      • 1:  9-10 Girls Age Group Parent
      • 1:  Computer Clerk Runner (2nd shift)
      • 1:  Computer (Time Verification - 1st shift)
      • 1:  Computer (Time Verification - 2nd shift)
    • Attached is a Pivot Table (watch out, now!) displaying the credits you have earned and will earn based on your volunteer signups.
      • Open the attachment.
      • Select <your name> from the Family Name field (top - cell B1).
      • It will display the credits you have both earned (past) and those you are signed up for (future).  **Be sure to look at the dates in row 4 to validate whether the credits have been earned or are future assignments before you remove yourself from the next two meets.
      • If you have less than 4 credits, be sure to sign up (see above).
      • **If you see an error in my data, show some grace, and send me an email angtodd@gmail.com.  
    • Sprint Sizzler Timer volunteer positions have been posted to the site!  Be sure to signup if your child is swimming.  We will most likely be asked to help out even more due to our amazingly large team participation.  Look for more, soon!

    Thanks for always chipping in and making our team run like a well oiled machine!

    Angie DeMarco - angtodd@gmail.com 

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