Waves vs. Otters 5/19/18

    Good Afternoon Waves!  Tomorrow is our first divisional meet and is also our first away meet.  Coach Spoon will retrun to his former team tomorrow - so let's be sure and extend our warmest Waves Nation Thank Yous for hosting!!  If you are on a relay please do your best to attend practice tonight so we can run your relays. Coach Spoon has also asked all swimmers and parents to write down or keep track of their/your seed times (your entry times listed by your events) of the events they are swimming.  You can write them on their arms by their events starting tonight if you want (these times can be found on SwimTopia) . The purpose of this is so swimmers will start to see how they perform in the pool without having to wait on results.  For our coaches its all about you beating the clock, the points and ribbons are nice, but the game is called improvement!  We are teaching goal setting and responsibility in a sports environment. 

     Below is all the information you will need for the meet tomorrow including a heat sheet. 


    address - 26531 Hillside Dr, Oak Ridge North, 77386 Parking - You can exit Rayford/Sawdust, u-turn and come back up the north bound feeder. When you get close to Oak Ridge you will see a business call Ototronix, you can park in their parking lot. Next door to them is Rooms To Go, you can park in their BACK parking lot. There is a bridge that connects to our park/pool. Or, you can park in the neighborhood but please follow the signs indicating what side of the road to park on. Cars will get towed if they park on the wrong side. Set Up - You will see a large covered basketball court, that is y’alls area.  You can set up under and/or around it.


    Check in is 7:15-7:45.  Please allow plenty of time to get checked in.  If you have not checked in with Coach Lindsay by 7:45 you will be scratched!  CHECK IN WITH YOUR COACHES BEFORE GOING TO YOUR AGE GROUP PARENT OR WARM UPS!!!!

    Warm Ups are 7:45-8:15.  10 and unders will warm up 7:45-8:00, swimmers ages 11 and up will warm up 8:00-8:15.  Please be ready to warm up!  After that if you are in events 1-3 please start to head toward the ready bench area or if you are 10 and under find your age group parent.  We have almost 400 swimmers tomorrow - it will be a long, hot meet so we need to get started on time!


    Volunteers, please check in with Angie DeMarco in the morning.  (She always has her PARTY fanny pack on if you are looking for her). If you are a timer or scribe, please see our Head Timer Ruth Beckman for your lane assignment.  Second shift will likely be at event 40 we will confirm with Oak Ridge tomorrow morning.  WE ARE STILL IN NEED OF TWO VOLUNTEERS FOR TOMORROW.  Remember if you do not get your 4 credits in for the season, you will not get your $200 fee back.  Please be on time!!!!! 


    From the Otters:

    We have a full menu!! Breakfast - donuts, kolaches, tacos, coffee, chocolate milk and orange juice...Lunch - Hamburgers, hotdogs, sausage on a stick, grilled chicken sandwich, grilled chicken and pasta salad... Sodas, sports drinks, water, chips, candy...

    ( in other words - we are all set! Bring your money!)


    Be on time! 

    Check in with coaches first

    Show your sportsmanship by staying in the pool until EVERY SWIMMER HAS COMPLETED THAT EVENT!  Shake hands for those hard fought races. 

    Show Waves team pride by being good competitors in and out of the pool!  Be sure and pay attention - ESPECIALLY AT READY BENCH!  Wish the other team good luck.  Remember we are visitors and we are representing the Woodlands

    Stay hydrated!

    Be aware of your seed times and check your progress after your events.  Go visit with your coaches.

    Help break down tents and help your fellow Waves pack up. CLEAN UP ALL THE TRASH IN YOUR AREA!  Do not leave any trash behind!!!  I will bring extra trash bags if you need them!

    Stay and watch the late relays!  This meet may come down to those final relays! 

    Wear your WAVES gear or wear RED! 

    GO WAVES!!!!!!!

    Good luck to all of our swimmers tomorrow!


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